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Entertain your family and friends like a royalty with the Lomonsov Porcelain Cottage  Dinner  Set. Made at the Russian imperial porcelain factory, this 24-piece coffee set is pure white and lined with at least 18-karat gold. An ideal golden anniversary wedding gift. The set includes the following:
The set includes:
  • 1 Round Platter 12.6”/320 mm   
  • 1 Oval Platter 13.8”/350 mm
  • 1 Oval Platter 11”/280 mm
  • 2 Salad Bowls for 2 servings 6.1 oz/ 180 ml
  • 1 Salad Bowl for 6 serving  33.8”/1000 ml
  • 6 Soup Plates 8.9”/225 mm
  • 6 Flat Plates 8.7”/220 mm
  • 6 Plat Plates 10.4”/265 mm


  • Items are HAND PAINTED. Embellished with 22-karat gold. Hand wash is recommended.
  • The original Lomonosov factory logo is on the bottom of each piece. Genuine Article - 100% Guaranteed.
  • Material: hard-paste porcelain. Made in Russia by the Imperial Lomonosov Porcelain Factory.
  • Shape: Alexandria. Painting designer V.Bakastova
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Shipping Weight: 12000 gr. (423.29 oz) (26.46 lbs)
Approximate Shipping: $100.00 (Standard delivery Worldwide)
List price: $10,335.00

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Lomonosov Porcelain 24-piece Cottage  Dinner Set for 6

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