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The Lomonosov Imperial Porcelain Factory was founded in St. Petersburg in 1744 under the decree of Peter the Great's daughter. Empress Elizabeth. It was the first porcelain company in Russia and the third in all of Europe Europe. This is where the talented Russian scientist Dmitry Vinogradov (1720-1758) discovered the secret of making "white gold." He was the first in the history of ceramics was a scientific description of porcelain production, which is close to the latest concepts of ceramic chemistry.

We're continuing this royal porcelain tradition by bringing to you some of the finest hand-crafted porcelain products directly from the Lomonosov Factory in St. Petersburg. Whether you're a serious porcelain collector or a shopper with an eye for beauty, we're confident that you'll find something to satisfy your heart's content in here.


Imperial Lomonosov Factory
Department of screen printing
Foundry semi-automatic machine for cups and mugs manufacturing
Electric conveyor oven for kilning overglaze paints
Department of underglaze painting. The application of the underglaze painting with airbrushing technique
Glazing department
Ready products department
Porcelain mass manufacturing department
The department of the foundry for casting service/set pieces
Porcelain mass manufacturing department
Porcelain white blanks
The united suspended pusher conveyor allows to provide intra and interdepartmental movement of the semifinished product
Foundry. The department of large products casting
The kiln department. Gas furnace
Electric muffle furnace of periodic action
Foundry. Cup handls attaching
Rest area
Underglazing department. Products painting with salts by the method of underglaze decoration.
The department of large products casting
Flat products are made by molding from more dehydrated porcelain mass on molding machines.
The department of highly artistic items. Electric furnace
Glazing department
The track moves bone china mass from mass producing department to bone china department.
Glazing of animalistic sculpture decorated with underglaze painting.
Underglazing department. Cobalt net glazing
Ready for kilning
Kilning department
Kilning department
Bone china department
Glazing of porcelain items
Foundry. Molding forms
Matting - gold painting with agate pencil
Overglaze hand painting with pen
Drawing painting with a special ceramic paints intended for underglaze decoration.
Gold painting with agate pencil on vase "Gossip Girls"
Gradual drawing of hand painted elements on overglaze highly artistic items
Hand glazing of porcelain items
Matting - gold painting with agate pencil
Hand casting. Seams correction
Highly artistic items painting
The process of bonding cast porcelain parts. Parts the product are stuck together with thicker slurry.
Underglaze painting of highly artistic items
Drawing painting with a special ceramic paints intended for underglaze decoration.
Bonding cast porcelain parts
Glazing the porcelain item with airbrush
Up to 80 technological operations are required for manufacturing 1 mug
Molding forms
Cast handles
Waiting for the next step
On the way to kiln
Glazed items, ready to kiln
Animal sculpture is made of "soft" porcelain, kilned at temperatures up to 1280°C/2336 F°. It consists of the same components but with  higher content of feldspar.
The painter is painting the large tea pot with Cobalt Net pattern
Ready for the next step
Kilning products after decorating in a furnace
Printing department. The process of making decals.
Highly artistic items workshop
Working instruments
Ready for kilning
Logo decal
Cobalt Net hand painting
Stamping golden elements
Hand painting with a pen
Decal application
Decal application


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